High school thesis: Der Klimawandel in Südtirol und sein Einfluss auf die Landwirtschaft

Mittlere Temperaturveränderung in Europa und global, Bildungsserver.de


Climate Change is surely the biggest problem for the agriculture of the future. It will inevitably affect South Tyrol in several ways, ranging from increased temperature over shifted vegetation periods to reduced water supply. The specific problems vary for each sector and by region, which is why I have sought to make a brief but comprehensive overview of the effects climate change will have in South Tyrol and each of the relevant agricultural sectors. A lot of weight rests on the shoulders of farmers, as they are ultimantely those who implement the best solutions to the problems of the future and carry the highest economic risk as well. The future of food security and also to an extent the ecological effects of climate change depend on the decisions farmers and politics make today and tomorrow, and for that we need to understand the challenges ahead of us (Abstract written post submission).

Self-published, caution: school project

This is my high-school thesis (high school with specialization in agriculture), in which I summarized the effects of climate change in South Tyrol with regard to its impact on the local agriculture and how the different acricultural sectors can react to it.

For this thesis I was awarded the Seppel-Lamprecht-Stipend for outstanding services to the agriculture of South Tyrol for pupils of the students of the South Tyrolean High school for Agriculture.

Felix Schweigkofler
Felix Schweigkofler
Research Assistant, MSc

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